600x600 Floor Tiles

Nowadays, 600x600 floor tiles are becoming a popular choice for homeowners. Their large size and extensive durability is the reason for such results. Along with stunning beauty they also provide the feel of continuity due to large but seamless designs.

Zextron brings you the best quality and eye catching collections of 600x600 floor tiles. Our state to art tiles with impeccable beauty and unrivaled durability are a perfect choice for any space. So let's look at how can you leverage 600x600 floor tiles to revitalize your home space.

Unbeatable Designs

At Zextron, we believe in innovation and know every dream home has its own requirements. Therefore we crarft diverse range of tile design to match your needs. Our collection covers from trendy modern home styles to vintage and classic designs. Let's have a look at our premium designs.

  • Marble look porcelain tiles
  • Stone look porcelain tiles
  • Metallic look porcelain tiles
  • Glazed porcelain tiles
  • Wood look porcelain tiles

All these design represents unbeatable quality and innovation of Zextron. Whether you are looking for glamorous trends or classic temptations we have it all. Our tiles also help your to add spaciousness with its large designs and patterns.


If tile’s diverse designs give style to your home then its durability gives it life. Low quality tiles lose their shine soon and make the flooring rough. Because of which cracks start appearing in the floors very soon and the entire decor gets ruined. But we promise exceptional quality with our 600x600 floor tiles.

Made from premium materials, our porcelain tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic with ease. Despite being light weight and slim appearance, it is difficult to get cracks due to their durability. Look at some premium durability features represented by our tiles:

  • Scratch Resistance
  • Stain Resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Fade Resistance
  • UV protected

Benefits of Using 600x600 Floor Tiles

Cost-effective Due to Large Size:

The 600x600 size of Zextron porcelain tiles allows for more coverage with fewer tiles, resulting in lower installation and material costs.

Eco Friendly:

Zextron porcelain tiles being made of natural porcelain and recyclable material, does not cause much harm to the ecosystem.

Slip Resistant:

Due to the slip resistant property, our tiles provide good grip in spaces like bathrooms. That's why it is more safe than other tiles.

Seamless Design:

Our large tiles result in fewer grout lines after installation which is essential for a seamless and continuous decor. It not only beautifies your home but also protects against cracks.

Wide Range of Collections:

Zextron offers a diverse selection vibrant colors and patterns that help your curate a personalize home decor.


The advantages include cost-effectiveness due to larger coverage, enhanced aesthetics with fewer grout lines, and a wide range of design options.


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