Vitrified Porcelain Tiles

Vitrified porcelain tiles are the hottest buzzword in the world of trendy decor for homes. Their captivating beauty and bespoke durability is making them a luring option for homeowners. With a myriad of benefits and design possibilities, they are simply exceptional and a remarkable choice for home decor.

Are you also dreaming of transforming your home using these luxurious tiles? You land at the right address. We, at Zextron, manufacture world-class vitrified porcelain tiles to give your home a stunning appearance. Our tiles set the benchmark of premium quality and unbeatable durability in the industry. Each tile manufactured by us is a masterpiece that will win your heart. So get ready to explore the amazing world of beautiful vitrified porcelain tiles, let's go!

Impressive Designs

Vitrified porcelain tiles offer endless design possibilities to satisfy every aesthetic desire. Their versatility provides the luxury to experiment with different textures, colors, and sizes for creating personalized decor. These porcelain tiles are available in a wide range of patterns for creating mesmerizing spaces.

They also provide different size options for achieving customized decor in different spaces like living room, kitchen, and bathroom. For example, you can go with a symmetrical look with 60x60 square tiles or choose visual spaciousness with 60x120 rectangular tiles.

Along with size variability, there are many amazing choices available in textures as well. From classic to trendy, you'll find the right tile designs with Zextron.

High-End Durability

Beauty is not the only feature that sets vitrified porcelain tiles apart from others. Their exceptional durability also is a testament to outstanding quality. We manufacture our vitrified floor tiles with high-quality materials to seize beauty for generations. Our robust tiles are designed to withstand high foot traffic and extreme weather conditions with ease. Therefore Zextron embraces the flooring solution that remains stunning for years to come.

Benefits Of Choosing Zextron Vitrified Porcelain Tiles

  • These tiles have a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. That means they are impeccable and ideal for spaces that are prone to spills or moisture i.e bathrooms and kitchens.
  • These tiles possess a highly durable gloss finish that is scratch and stain resistant making them easy to clean and maintain.
  • They provide multiple-purpose functionality and are suitable for a range of applications.
  • Vitrified porcelain tiles are available in diverse patterns with vibrant color shades to match your requirements.
  • They are pollen repellent that provides you the feature to create allergy-free surfaces.
  • These tile's surface is UV protected and hence there is no effect of sunlight on their shiny finish.


Vitrified porcelain tiles are premium quality ceramic tiles made from a blend of clay, feldspar, quartz and other minerals, resulting in a dense and durable surface.